CBD Certificate Of Analysis: How Important Is It?

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Doing a quality check of any product you buy from the market is a crucial step that gives you confidence about the reliability of the brand. The same applies to a therapeutic and in fact, a quality check is unavoidable in the case of therapeutics lest you will be putting your health at stake.

When talking about therapeutics, we cannot miss out on CBD, one of the therapeutics that has been hitting the markets recently. CBD news about its healing properties has attracted the attention of many. CBD stands for cannabidiol, a compound extracted from cannabis plants. In addition to the key component, CBD, a CBD product will have a set of other cannabis compounds that include minimal percentages of THC, terpenes, flavonoids as well as other cannabinoids(other than CBD and THC). A certificate of Analysis /COA of CBD is a document that lists the accurate percentages of cannabinoids in a CBD product.

Why Should You Check The COA Before Buying A CBD Product?

COA is issued by accredited labs. It is expected that manufacturers send every batch of their products for lab testing, to prove to their customers that they get exactly what they have advertised. You may have to check up the manufacturer’s website to get the COA of the product. Most products come with a QR code on the label on scanning which you will reach the official website of the brand that gives the COA. Adding QR codes on the product label is not mandatory in any state, but many reputable CBD companies have been following this practice to ensure that their customers readily get the information they want.

Things To Inspect Carefully In A COA

Here are a few things that you have to watch out for in a COA.

Lesser CBD Than Advertised

Matching the CBD content mentioned in the label with the CBD content in the COA is an important step in analyzing the quality of the CBD product. If the brand has advertised much greater CBD content than that mentioned in the COA, it would be better to think twice before choosing the brand.

Percentages Of Other Cannabinoids

A full spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD product contain several cannabinoids like CBG, CBDA, CBN, and CBC. You have to make sure that the COA contains clear information on the percentages of these cannabinoids in the product.

Type Of Testing

Results of in-house testing done by the company itself cannot be trusted like a third-party lab test result. The COA has to be issued by a third-party lab that is in no way related to the CBD brand that is getting its products tested.

THC Percentage

For a CBD product to be regarded as legal, its THC percentage has to be less than 0.3%. Study the COA and confirm that the THC content does not exceed the 0.3% limit.

Making an impulsive buying decision will not work, especially when it comes to CBD, primarily because there are a lot of fraudster manufacturers involved in the industry. Doing some work from your part in the form of a thorough COA check is quintessential in ensuring the quality of the CBD product that you choose.