CBD Dosage For Beginners

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CBD Dosage
CBD Dosage
CBD Dosage

The health benefits that CBD promises are encouraging many to try it and see how it goes. Because CBD is a relatively new entrée into the health and wellness market, many would have questions about the products, their usage, and dosing.

First-time users are often worried about the dosages. What dosage is the best for first-time CBD users? Read on for the answer.

Is There A Universal Dosage Of CBD?

When it comes to CBD, no expert can suggest a dosage that works best for all. It is simply because there is no such thing as a universal dosage of CBD. The optimal dosage for a person is determined by various factors including body weight, metabolism, and more.

CBD Dosage Tips For First Time User

Here are some of the tips that will help first-time users figure out the correct CBD doses.

Start Slow

A first-timer will hardly have any idea about the CBD dosage that will work for them. In that case, what dosage should they start with? Experts recommend starting with a small dose. After your first use, analyze the effects of the dosage and decide if it is right for you. If not, increase the dosage by a small factor and see how well it goes. Continue this until you figure out the perfect dosage.

Identify Your Peak Dosage

Your dose-response curve is an inverted U. Your goal is to identify the dose corresponding to the peak of the curve. The results will not be optimal beyond and before the peak.

For figuring out the peak, you will have to take a dose that is greater than what corresponds to the peak. Suppose you are gradually increasing your CBD dosage in the process of finding out your optimal dosage. If you feel the same effects as the previous dosage or worse, it means you have crossed the dose corresponding to the peak of the response curve. In that case, you should stick to the previous dose as that will correspond to the maximum response.

Select The Dosage According To The Product Type

Different CBD products have different intake methods with different bioavailability values. Your dosage has to be determined based on the absorption rate of the cannabidiol product you use. When it comes to intake methods of poor bioavailability, you will have to take higher doses.

Figuring out the optimal dosage of CBD requires some patience.