Does Cannabidiol Interact with Drugs and Antibiotics?

Benefits Of CBD Lotion
Benefits Of CBD Lotion
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CBD Products

As the CBD market is witnessing tremendous growth and as more people are resorting to CBD products for various reasons, understanding how it interacts with drugs and other medications is very crucial, especially for people who use it often. CBD products are believed to interact with drugs and other antibiotics because of the difference in their chemical compositions as well as the mechanism of action.

It is essential to know that the use of substances that react against each other can often be unfavorable and harmful for the body. Various medical researchers have chosen to conduct studies on the health benefits of CBD with the help of advancements in technology.

Antibacterial Properties in Cannabidiol 

The laws regarding the use of CBD are relaxed when compared to the earlier days, and this had helped the study of researchers to see whether cannabis has any sort of antibacterial characteristics in it, particularly in CBD which is widely used in the making of several products. All the  CBD products are easily available in many outlets and online stores.

A popular study conducted in the year 2007 which was published by the scientists of Italy and Britain confirmed the presence of antibacterial properties in CBD could be altered to control several infections. They have carried out studies using cannabinoids against the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus which is resistant to methicillin and has the probability to spread all through the body. The studies brought out some interesting findings, one of which was that CBD has the potential to destroy the particular bacterium and other bacteria that were considered resistant to conventional medicines.

However, more studies are suggested and needed to confirm whether taking cannabidiol capsules is effective and safe.

Drug Metabolism and Cannabidiol

Most substances that are consumed by humans daily get broken down by cytochrome P450 which is often known as CYP enzymes and the process of breaking down is known as metabolism. More than sixty percent of prescription drugs get broken down by such enzymes regardless of their activity that varies from one person to another.

While consuming CBD-infused products, there are chances for it to interact with these enzymes which are seen in the liver. Most of the experts say that this process has the chance of reducing the rate of metabolism of other substances by CYP.

It is often believed that the efficacy of medications consumed has the chances of increasing and decreasing if they are taken alongside cannabidiol, and it mainly depends on factors like how the medications get broken down in your system, the dosage of CBD consumed, and the mode of consumption. However, there are no studies that proved the exact interactions between CBD and antibiotics to date.