What You Need To Know About CBD Live Resins

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CBD For Joint Pain
CBD Live Resins
CBD Live Resins

CBD manufacturers are on the quest to develop new CBD products that can bring out the benefits of this compound to the fullest without causing any intoxicating effects. They are experimenting with different extraction methods and different product combinations for creating products that can provide you all the health benefits possessed by the cannabis plant. A new product that has been developed as a result of these experiments is CBD live resins that are now conquering the CBD industry. Read along to find out more about this product and also for knowing whether it can be helpful for you.

What Are CBD Live Resins?

It is a product similar to CBD wax or shatters that contains a high terpene profile. The number of terpenes in live resins will be more than any other CBD product. The reason behind this high terpene profile is that these live resins are extracted when the hemp plant is still alive. Therefore, CBD live resins carry all the properties of the live plant.

How CBD Live Resins Are Made?

Live resins are extracted from fresh and frozen plant materials. The hemp plant will stay fresh and alive for a few hours even after it is cut from the growing medium.

Usually, CBD concentrate will be extracted from the dried plant materials. But when the plant is dried, it will lose almost 60% of the terpenes even before it goes into the extraction process. Hence, the final extract will have a very low terpene profile.

But when it comes to CBD live resins, the extraction process begins almost immediately after the plant is cut. Therefore, most of the terpenes will be preserved and they will be present in your final product.

How Live Resins Are Different From Other Concentrates

The first difference is in the extraction process. While other concentrates are produced from the dried plant, live resins are extracted from the live hemp plants.

The next difference is in the terpene profile. CBD live resins have a high terpene profile when compared to other CBD extracts. As terpenes are responsible for the strong flavor associated with the hemp plant, the live resins will have the fresh flavor of the live CBD plant.

In addition to this, terpenes have a lot of health benefits. There are a large number of terpenes present in the hemp plant, and each of these terpenes has its own benefits. Therefore, by consuming live resins, you can get all the benefits provided by terpenes in addition to the CBD benefits. Hence, this product can provide you with added benefits when compared to other CBD products.