Are there Allergic Symptoms for CBD?

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CBD Absorption
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Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

As a result of the medical and therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol, the market is growing. There is a proliferation of hemp-derived CBD products especially topicals for skincare highlighting their lack of side effects. One problem that many customers overlook is allergic reactions. This is a commonly reported medical emergency and many people have some kind of plant allergy. Allergies are caused by the hypersensitivity of our immune system to harmless substances. CBD allergy comes under plant allergy. So, how can a person become allergic to CBD?

CBD Allergic Symptoms

There is a possibility that those who are allergic to marijuana might develop an allergy to CBD. The symptoms vary for different people. It is difficult to differentiate CBD allergy from its side effects. The common side effects are low blood pressure, dry mouth, nausea, and dizziness. The following are the allergic symptoms.

  • Skin Irritation: Using topicals may cause hives and rashes.
  • Bloodshot eyes: THC causes bloodshot eyes. But, after using a CBD product causes this, it is an allergic reaction to CBD rather than a side effect.
  • Migraine: First time CBD use may cause a slight headache. But if it results in a migraine then there is a likelihood that you are allergic to CBD.
  • Respiratory trouble: If you develop breathing difficulty after using a CBD product it is possible that you are allergic to CBD. In such a situation you should immediately get medical attention.

How to avoid CBD Allergic Symptoms?

Those who have plant allergies should ensure that they do not use full-spectrum hemp oil. It contains many other cannabinoids and any of them including the carriers can cause allergic reactions. People who know that they are not allergic to CBD but have plant allergies should opt for CBD isolate products or CBD oil without THC. Also, contaminants present in the product can result in lower quality CBD products that may result in allergies.

It is advisable to try a test dose of the product to know if you are allergic to it. Buying the products from a regular shop would allow you to check them for allergic reactions. If you already know about the allergic condition it is better to consult with a physician. Always when purchasing try to go for a trusted brand and high-quality product. Check for the quality assurance certificate on the label. You can also read for customer reviews as well as write to them to know about other potential allergic reactions that may not be mentioned on the product label.